Is Website Design dying: a look at the truith

Is web design dying? That question might as well prompt the query of whether web design is still referred as an art for. These questions have become important over recent time especially with the proliferation of ready-made templates that require not creative insight and rely on the slogans that “anyone can create”: their own website. Media Push is one way to go, while it has become a simple matter of dragging and dropping.

Designing and creating a unique brand Identity

However, people who have been in the industry for long and they say design has evolved and dreagad doe, who still get great results. This is not true. Serious businesses with serious marketing teams know that dragging and dropping takes away the aspect of unique brand creations. Brand association is important even online, and this is why the truly creative, artistic designers will always have a place in the burgeoning cyber world.

Self-service website creating templates aren’t always the best

Self Service web design packages might save money but there is a lot that goes into the design beyond gimmicky visuals that usually turn out to be available for use by millions of other. The reason why the art of creating websites or design is nowhere close to the end might include the two key reason:

1. Setting up relevant and updated Security

2. Inclusion of specialized functions you cannot incorporate on a template or themed Website users are drawn by the visual aspect, so sites need to have design upgrades.


There are intricate things within the design world that ready-made templates will lack. People who are looking for a site that showcases their vision and brand mission cannot afford to rely of generic template designs. So is website design dead? No, it hasn’t died; it has only gotten more serious and is leaning more towards presenting useful content in the best possible way.

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5 Pro Tips to Becoming a Professional in Web Design

It takes more than the right equipment to be a pro and successful in the web design field. Aside from your passion and patience, being a pro in this area equally requires a lot of practice to build world class websites and earn some real cash.

Fortunately, being a professional in web design isn’t as hard and impossible as many aspiring web developers think. Here are some pro tips that will not only help you be a professional web designer but conversely successful in the field. 

1. Learn from the Professionals 

One excellent way to becoming a professional web designer is to learn from those who are successful and knowledgeable in web design. Take your time and go through well-designed websites. Note how they lay the content area or the menu and use this knowledge to make your designs.

2. Learn the Necessary Skills Needed 

Well, aside from learning what other professional web designers do, it’s equally important to acquire the necessary skills needed in web design. Thanks to numerous tutorials available on the internet today, you can easily learn languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP and Bootstrap to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge required to build a website. 

3. Sell yourself 

It’s a competitive world, and the web design field is no exception. You’ll need to stand out from other web developers to become a professional and highly sought after web designer. 

Consider some ways you can use to market yourself and your skills to clients. Social media marketing is one way to let people know about your skills though you should also consider having a business card and word-of-mouth marketing to reach potential clients. 

4. Plan your Work 

Do not just sit and ??wait for inspiration.’ Put a little planning and research in your work before beginning the actual web design process. Research your client’s company, ask them what they want and ponder upon your client’s competitor websites to have an idea of what you’ll build. While planning may be a daunting process, it will not only save you time but money.

5. Stay Up-to-date 

Don’t be left behind. The computer technology world is changing almost every day and at an alarming rate. It’s crucial to keep pace with these changes as a web designer and stay in tune with the changes in the web design field. Learn new things in the field and find out what’s currently trending in the industry. Monitor the top-selling themes and identify what customers are looking for.

Wrapping it up 

Web design is a field that is quite challenging and being a professional in this field requires a lot of determination, patience, and practice. Whether you’re a newbie or looking to grow yourself in web design, these tips will help you be a professional and additionally aid you in becoming a successful web designer.

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